Do You Need Help Planning Your Hens Night?

  • Your Easy Solution Is Here

    Being an organizer for a hen night is a big job. It can seem overwhelming to try and juggle all the requirements from food and drinks to the entertainment.

    It doesn't have to be so difficult. Phoning Sydney Arty Party is the first step to your Hens Night solution. With more than 20 years experience at providing Hens Night entertainment, games and activities we can offer advice on how to maximize the fun for your event.

    By choosing a themed event such as our popular Arty Party the bulk of the entertainment is taken care of in one easy to deal with package and after that all you need do is choose a restaurant and a cocktail bar both of which are easy to find nearby.

What Is An Arty Party?

  • Classy & Different

    Your hen group meets at the bohemian studio of East Sydney Academy of Art. Your host is Tony Johansen.

    There is champagne and lots of yummy nibbles. beautiful artwork adorns the walls and ceiling which includes celebrity portraits some of which you might have seen featured on television and newspapers during various Archibald Prize competitions. With the beautiful music the studio is like a bohemian fantasy.

    The art class includes a male model and features the inspiring and entertaining teaching of Tony Johansen.

Do I Need To Be Able To Draw?

  • No - It's Easy & Fun For Beginners

    Most of the women who come to our Arty Parties haven't done any drawing since high school. Many tell me that they can only draw stick figures.

    That is never a problem. The art class deals with the basics and is equally suited to those who think they cannot draw as much as those who are already good at it. All skill levels are catered for.

    Besides, with the helpful assistance of one of the best art teacher's in the country you are in good hands. Tony Johansen's teaching philosophy is based on a passionate belief that everyone is capable of drawing the human figure given the right combination of encouragement and guidance.

    We have lots of guest books full of comments from happy attendees who were surprised by how much they enjoyed the class and what they achieved after a few helpful tips.

Why Choose Us?

  • Premium Service, Exotic But Elegant Fun, Excellent Value For Money...

    Sydney Arty Party offers a unique experience that is a little naughty but a lot nice. 20+ years experience has taught us how to offer the best service possible.

    We have thought of everything so your job as an organizer is easy - let us do all the hard work of organizing the drinks and food and party activities and games.

Arty Party Testimonials

  • It is wonderful to receive glowing reports that people have enjoyed themselves. Here are a tiny portion from the thousands who wanted to write to say thanks.

    "OMG!! Bec was so amazed @ the life model - and everyone had the best time! Tony your class was awesome! Informative and creative!! Thanks"

    - Laura

  • "On behalf of our hen thank you for a great evening. We had a group of 19 girls including mother's of the bride and groom attend your class and everybody had a blast. Plenty of nibbles and champagne to start us off, a top teacher AND a great model - what better way to start a hens night than nude male life drawing!! I enjoyed the class so much the first time I came six months ago that as chief bridesmaid this time around I thought I would organize something I KNEW would be fun. Thanks again."

    - Sandra

  • "Fun - laughter - music - art - dance - rhythm - song - sharing - learning - craft - create - inspire - - encourage - motivate - IT MOVED ME - THANK YOU. I hope my marriage is made of the same delightfulness."

    - Angela

  • "Tony - from start to finish you captured me & my friends. You blew my mind with your knowledge & skills. I will never forget this experience. The belly dancers just pipped the night, but Tony, you, as did Leonardo, captured our imaginations."

    - Anon

  • "Tony was amazing. The studio you won't believe when you walk in - very urban cool - art all over. What more can I say I LOVE IT. Thank you so much xxx"

    - Hayley

  • "Thanks Tony, it was such an enjoyable night and we all wished we could hang around longer too! Everyone that has been emailing after can't stop raving about the life art class. Not only was it great fun, tasteful, and had plenty of delicious food for us to eat (and unlimited champagne) - I can safely say that most of us learnt a thing or two about art and drawing techniques. I really didn't think I could draw at all. Tony, your personable and organizational skills are at the top of the ladder. I would recommend this class to everyone and for those that are looking for something unique in a hens night this is the way to go. Looking forward to the next art class."

    - Nat

  • "Thank you very much to help me draw my first naked man sketch in my life. It's heaps of fun and I learnt a lot!"

    - Yun

  • "Thank you Tony for making this night a success. I was relying on you!!! Fantastic night xxx P.S. You have outdone the Victoria Room by miles!!!"

    - Rosemary

  • "We had a great start to the night. The atmosphere and setting was perfect and the food was a delicious surprise. We all thought the night was great value for our money, including the sketchbooks for everyone to remember the night. We thank you Tony for giving us a special night which we will recommend to our friends."

    - Deb

Hens Night Photos

  • What I love most about hens parties is the beautiful feeling that fills the studio from the closeness of special friends. Because a Sydney Hens Arty Party is refined and is the elegant alternative to the many sleazy hen activities that exist out there we see the best side of women together on their girls' night out.

    I love seeing their artistic journey of discovery. They tend to be surprised how much fun it is in the right environment.

    Family togetherness can be a beautiful part of a Sydney Arty Party. Sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts, and cousins are welcome to an event where there is nothing to be ashamed about and everything to love.

    Tony reveals simple and very easy steps that enable anyone to quickly feel like an artist. You too can experience the joy.

Belly Dancing At A Sydney Arty Party

  • Belly dancing is a fun optional extra activity that follows the art class making your Girls' Night Out or Hens Party doubly memorable.

Deliciously Decadent

  • Half the fun of a Girls Night Out Arty Party is all the delicious nibbles.

Easy For Organizers

  • Organizing party activities can easily be problematic. At Sydney Arty Party we make it easy for you.

    You can rely on our 20+ years experience delivering the best hens night, birthday party, and girls' night out art class events. We know how to give your group a fun and truly memorable bohemian party. You just need to make the booking, and organize numbers - we do the rest.

Other Art Classes At East Sydney Academy of Art

  • Weekly art classes for those who want more.

    LIFE DRAWING CLASS: Drawing and painting the nude figure with Tony Johansen.

    WHEN: Tuesday / Wednesday 6:30 - 9:00pm

    WHERE: East Sydney Academy of Art, Level 2 / 189 William Street, Darlinghurst.

    PHONE: 0415 254 793

    HOW MUCH: $300 per 10 week term

    MATERIALS: Yours but basic supplies such as cartridge paper, charcoal, conte, watercolor, etc can be purchased at the classes.

    SUPPLIED: Easels, boards, clips, model, music and smiles.

    SKETCH CLUB: Great models in a beautiful studio. Sketch Club is the affordable option for those advanced artists who no longer need tuition but still want to draw the models at the school.

    WHEN: Tuesday and Wednesday 6:30 - 9:00pm

    WHERE: East Sydney Academy of Art, Level 2 / 189 William Street Darlinghurst.

    PHONE: 0415 254 793

    HOW MUCH: $12

    MATERIALS: Yours, or cartridge paper, charcoal, etc sold on premises.

    SUPPLIED: Easels, boards, clips, Sydney's best models, friendly atmosphere and the music.


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