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    Website of an artwork by local artist, Tony Johansen, the first cross-media Archibald Prize entry.
    Paintings, sculpture, poetry, and photography, of a Kings Cross artist.
    Official website for the new musical by Stannard & Hatherley, based on the life of Kings Cross identity Rose Shaw.
    A special idea for a quality bride's hens night: a real figure drawing class in a local art school.
    Tap Gallery, and its heroine, Lesley Dimmick has hosted exhibitions, performance and theatre for thousands of emerging artists over the last 16 years.
    Called the 'Democratic Archibald' the exhibition hosts rejected work from the Archibald Prize. This is the official website.
    The official Kings Cross Partnership web-site. The indispensible resource for Restaurants and bars, business, services, and entertainment in the Kings Cross area, for visitors and locals alike.


  • Blog-O-licious Kings Cross (Home Page)
    Your base camp for blogging info, rules, definitions, invitations to blog and more. Here you learn all about KingsCrossBlogs and how you can be part of it too.
  • Rosie: Pure Inspiration
    A new musical by Stannard & Hatherley based on the life of a real life flower seller who sang arias to her customers while she dreamed of being a star.
  • Jest A Joke
    Jokes and humor collected on the streets of Kings Cross and looking for a laugh or two.
  • The Passionate Librarian
    This very special local can't help but be passionate about the piano, the marathon, and the special books she discovers lost in the 'stacks', that special book heaven where book treasures await discovery...
  • Photo-Licious: Kings Cross In Black And White
    All the colour of Kings Cross in Black and White. A personal snapshot of a much loved locale.
  • Story's of Bernie's BOURBON
    Memories and photo albums from the magical days when the Bourbon and Beefsteak Bar was an International Icon and a home away from home for locals.
  • CRYPTS and CATS: A Menu Of Secret Places And Special Treasures Around Kings Cross
    Unusual and special places and 'things' within 20 minutes walk of Kings Cross. Some are hidden in out of the way corners, some off limits to the public, but all rich jewels of our neighbourhood.
  • Archibald Prize Challenge
    Official Website for the Legal Challenge (still ongoing) to the 2004 Archibald Prize award. For all the issues, the latest news, background info, and questions answered click here.
  • Landscape Classes In Sydney
    Saturday is Landscape day at East Sydney Academy of Art, this is the journal from this enthusiastic group of artists.
    The process of painting from the idea to the finished composition. Art Classes for beginners to learn the basics and advanced artist's to learn the methods of the Old Masters and apply that knowledge to conteporary art.
    Learn to draw the figure at East Sydney Academy of Art. There is also sketch Club every Tuesday and Wednesday night for those not requiring lessons.
  • Hens Nights The Blog
    We all know Kings Cross is the best place to party, but you may be surprised at how these brides celebrate their special party.
  • The Kings Cross Art Wall
    One small wall at the Neighbourhood Service Center can display just a few artworks by individual Kings Cross artist's. They all go on this site however where the tapestry of Kings Cross artists weaves together into an online exhibition for the world to enjoy.
  • East Sydney Academy of Art Notice Board
    Student info, class times, term dates, and general art school notices and items of interest from this boho center of excellence in the arts.
  • Diary Of An Artist In A New World
    The online journal of Kings Cross artist Tony Johansen.
  • Gatherr
    A fluid stream of cultural consciousness. The online multimedia scrapbook of Kings Cross artist Tony Johansen.